40eca-startwithyWhy The HEROmanity Exists: The Context & Problem
In today’s world of financial instability, social enterprise entrepreneurs, non-profits, charity and service organizations are struggling to survive and solicit the best intellectual, human and financial resources.

The HEROmanity Project recognizes that with a growing part of the nation’s workforce being automated, under-valued and underpaid, there’s also a creativity-fulfillment gap and unrest to address. The HEROmanity Project believes this gap and unrest is at the heart of much of our personal, communal, and societal suffering and dysfunction. In other words when a person is employed but their Genius is not tapped into, there’s a loss of effectiveness, meaning, and most of creativity.

A Solution
With this in mind, we aim to educate, train, and develop the underdog creative minds – the artists, social entrepreneurs, untapped professionals and cultural creatives to have the courage to believe in own their gifts, talents, services and products and bring them to the  marketplace.

Our Requirements
Members of the HEROmanity community must have a cleraly defined vision and mission that they are committed to honoring with the life and align with our mission to educate, train and cultivate their gifts and telents through our programs to create viable Inbound based marketing plans and execution strategies.

Ultimate Intention
We hope that all members of the HEROmanity project are filled with the courage, boldness and know-how to be self-reliant in bringing their ideas to life and to the marketplace.

In the end, we also aim to establish a new economy workforce and business development model that inspires others to generate the courage to honor their deepest heroic gifts and talents by sharing them with the world.

Discover Your HEROmanity.  UNLEASH Your Genius.

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